Episerver Certification

As of this week I am an Episerver Certified Developer!

I took the certification for Episerver CMS version 9, even though version 10 is the latest. I guess they have not updated the tests yet.

This was not something I planned, but since it is a tool that I am and will be using professionally on occasion, it was a good opportunity to test my knowledge. The invitiation for the certification came from the management only a couple of days before the actual exam, so I had limited time to prepare and my experience with Episerver is not that great. However, I’m familiar with building applications using ASP.NET, and it is the same framework Episerver is built on - so that helped.

Also, I have a lot of experience with building web applications using CMS systems. My first employer is the creator of a CMS called MonoX, and it shares some similarites with how Episerver works.

Here are some tips that helped me:

I look forward to building more web applications using Episerver!